ROK president’s dilemma meets Trump’s uncertainty

South Korean President Moon Jae-In said on a commemoration speech that he would like to talk to Pyongyang unconditionally if the DPRK could stop furthering its nuclear program and missile tests, even though it seems very hard for the DPRK to accept such proposal.

Teng Jianqun, Director for the Center of Arms Control of the China Institute of International Studies, said facing the threat of continuing THAAD deployment, China shall have counter measures like continuing diplomatic protest and deployment of counter anti-missile systems near to the place where THAAD is deployed.

Rick Duham, Visiting Scholar of Tsinghua University, said US President Donald Trump’s policy on the Korean Peninsula is very hard to catch and Trump believes that he has the confidence to talk with Pyongyang directly. The US-DPRK direct negotiation may be an option to solve problems.

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